Our Vision

Envision women made whole, live an abundant life and flourish


Our Mission

Journey with women in the vulnerable community, walking them out of the effects of poverty, promoting dignity and aiming to elevate their social status


Person-centred care and support include aspects of:

- Basic human needs

- Emotional, psychological and spiritual needs

- Life skills and education

- Protection against violence and exploitation


Be Involved

- Volunteer and participate in SAFE’s fund-raising projects, events and activities

- Offer your professional services

- Recommend or sponsor public promotional and awareness booths

- Donations in cash or in kind

Case 1

Our first fruits are the lives of Nirah* and her partner, Keong*. Nirah, was six months pregnant, on drugs and standing on the street receiving customers when we intervened into her situation. Keong was the hotel manager where Nirah worked.


We managed to place Nirah at a transition home and subsequently see her through rehabilitation. We witnessed the birth of their son, Reuben* and helped the couple in their marriage registration. Reuben is now a lovely 4 year-old who is often smiley and happily goes to a kindergarten in Cheras. It is certainly heartening to see this family of three growing healthily and given a hope in Christ.


The couple is both gainfully employed; SAFE only chips in to assist under the Clients Post-Rehabilitation Fund if there is any emergency shortfall in their household expenses.


Case 2

Zani* comes from a local ethnic group and is a mother of two grown-ups. She had on numerous occasions, has expressed her thoughts of opting out of this current lifestyle. She is interested in childcare and is proficient in English, Malay and Chinese.


The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. When she has finally decided to take the step for changeover, SAFE plans to place her under rehabilitation program first. Upon graduating from there, she will be referred to a childcare centre which is willing to take in women with background (open by Christians). During these transitions, she will definitely need lots of financial, emotional and spiritual care. 


Case 3

Similar to Case 2 above and a few others, Julie* is in the sex trade (besides her daily food stall business) to raise additional finances to support her family and children’s education. She is a single mother. Her two children are currently pursuing higher education.



Shameful of her current trade, she looks forward to an alternative or to enlarge her food business. SAFE often have many clients indicating their intent of opting out. However, SAFE needs to build a strong financial backing before we can offer help to those who chose to turn away from the trade.


Case 4

Kristina*, nearing her sixties, was still standing in the streets receiving customers albeit a bad asthmatic condition. SAFE had approached her for various times to opt out of this lifestyle. When she was hospitalized in Oct 2011, she finally relented and was admitted to a rehabilitation centre. Her partner (Ah Kau*), also in his sixties, follow suit and was admitted to another rehabilitation centre through SAFE’s referral.


Kristina is growing fervently in the Lord; serving and attending both church and cell group regularly without any follow-up. SAFE considers her as a “case closed” – a transformed life in the Lord.



* Names have been changed to protect their privacy


There are various areas that you can be involved either on the basis of one-off, ad hoc, regular or ongoing, by projects eg. fund raising/special awareness campaigns, event organizing, publication and creative productions, marketing, advertising, photography, video productions, and other professional services eg. medical, dental, optical, others.

Please indicate your area of interest and commitment level and e-mail to us.



There are many ways you can choose to contribute, as follows:


SAFE has a full-time worker who walks the street, leading a team of volunteers; reaching out to the sex workers, ministering and praying for them. They also enter into brothels to minister to those who are unable to come out to the streets.


Expenses include:

-        Buying the targeted women lunch / dinner in order to have more time spent with them

-        Little evangelistic gifts to encourage and reach out to them

-        Birthday & festive celebrations

-        Yearly evangelistic event

-        Minor ad-hoc financial assistance to show our care and love


Should you feel inclined to support this outreach work, kindly click here.


2)     PROJECT TRANSIT (Rehabilitation Fund)

Without a sound financial support, we are unable to provide a solution to women who would like to opt out of the sex trade (“SAFE clients”) and change over to a new life. PROJECT TRANSIT (Rehabilitation Fund) was set up to support the transition of the targeted women; giving them a source of hope through our financial support on their livelihood as they undergo rehabilitation, reskilling and adjusting to a new place of stay, new lifestyle and new work environment.

       Details of the minimum required fundings for this project is as follows:

            Monthly estimated             expenses (per SAFE client)




            Living allowance


Include meals, utilities, household expenses

            Room rental subsidy


Estimated rental costs = RM500

            Medical, travelling, misc.



          Monthly Expenses



             Tenure of rehabilitation & reskilling program: 18 – 24 months

           Total required fundings for one client = RM18,000 to RM24,000



There can be many of SAFE targeted women who would like to opt out. However, we will need to give them the assurance that we are able to “walk with them” during the transition towards a new lease of life.




If you are keen to partner with us to help a life transit for the better, kindly click here so that we can provide our SAFE client(s) with an answer before we ‘lose’ her/them. We will then allocate a client to your pledge and update you from time-to-time on her progress.


















3)     Clients Post-Rehabilitation Fund

SAFE aims to “walk with” the clients before, during and after their rehabilitation program. Needless to say, this is a financially-sapping ministry; but we persevere holding onto God’s vision and anointing upon this ministry.




This fund is set up for clients who had undergone their 18 – 24 months program and are ready to rejoin the society. It is indeed a scary process to changeover for one who has been in the trade for so many years that it has become a norm (comfort zone). Therefore, SAFE is here to cushion the effect of worrying for their livelihood by assisting them look for a suitable job while financing them in the interim.


It takes them some time to handle their household budgeting as they are used to hand-to-mouth existence. Therefore, we incorporate Financial Literacy Program in our regular follow-up with them. When there is a shortfall for the month, mostly due to medical / emergency reasons; SAFE chips in to subsidize and cushion the effect. Nevertheless, we are careful not to spoon-feed or create dependency in the long run.



As part of SAFE’s objectives to empower and give the targeted women a new lease of life, SAFE currently provides sewing and baking classes for those women who are interested.


Budgeted expenses are as follow:



Capital expenditures: Additional machineries


Trainers’ love offering: Sewing & baking


Ministerial & project expenses (raw materials & workmanship)




Offset by Collection of Nominal fees from students






Should you feel inclined to sponsor / subsidise any of the above expenses, kindly click here.





SAFE strives to keep its operational and personnel costs to a minimal; tapping on volunteers wherever and whenever possible. However, this ministry requires at least one full-time staff to run the drop-in centre and Community Home. The day-to-day operations besides administrative matters include reaching out to the women in the street, counseling, giving practical helps and praying for them.


SAFE’s personnel costs is about RM36,000 p.a. (include medical, insurance, EPF, Socso, training, etc).


If you felt led to give a love offering to bless and encourage our very diligent and committed staff (currently one full-time staff), kindly click here.


6)     VOLUNTEER SUPPORT FUND - Love Offering to Committed Volunteers*

SAFE operates mainly on voluntary manpower. SAFE has a few committed volunteers* whom themselves can be in financial need. These committed volunteers can be those who had a personal past but are now rehabilitated and contributing back to the ministry. They do have a passion to serve in this ministry, but at times they themselves have family/financial issues and this is when SAFE steps in. SAFE’s objective is to ensure lives are being touched, disciple and transformed; and we do not leave out our committed volunteers.


We currently give a monthly love offering of RM1,000 to a committed volunteer who ministers to SAFE’s rehabilitated clients and oversees the Community Home. She is instrumental in connecting with governmental authorities and NGOs, and is currently pursuing theological studies with a local bible college.




A monthly love offering of RM400 is given to the Home Manager who was previously rescued from the street and had been completely rehabilitated.



If you felt burdened to contribute in supporting this Volunteer Support Fund and keeping the spirit of our volunteers alive, kindly click here.


* Committed volunteers = those who commit to a schedule / a fixed number of hours, although not given a salary


7)     GENERAL SUPPORT – Wherever Most Needed

 By giving a general love offering (lump-sum / monthly pledge), this will empower SAFE to administer the funds wherever most needed and most effectively. Kindly click here




 1)   Donations by Cheque

       Payable to  : SAFE COMMUNITY BERHAD

       Post to        : 62B, Jalan Siput Akek, Taman Billion, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur


      Please indicate “SAFE:<designated purpose>” at the back of the cheque.


2)   Donations through on-line banking / cash deposit machine

       Name of Bank    : PUBLIC BANK BERHAD

       Account Name   : SAFE COMMUNITY BERHAD

       Account No.       : 3173-6376-21


      Kindly email your bank-in slip to: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> stating “SAFE:<designated purpose>” OR fax to:03-9131 8695, attention to: Sis Yoke Han (Finance Dept).


3)   Donations by Cash

      You may contact Sis Yoke Han at 03-91303687.



Extend our hand of hope to sex workers and those who are at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Offer moral support, counsel, self-help education and prevention, love without being prejudiced or judgemental.


Be Involved

Volunteer and join the team for:

-  day street-walk and visit to brothels

-  weekly dinner fellowship with at-risk group

-  monthly small group fellowship 

-  celebration of cultural festivities and Christmas events




Provide a safe haven, temporary shelter and community living for women in need. Focus group include women who are in the process of being reintegrated into society, who still require some form of guidance and support / women at risk of commercial sexual exploitation / women in crisis.


Be involved

Volunteer for:

-  weekly non-formal teaching and education | occupational therapy 

-  monthly events and activities

-  counselling and/or individual follow-up

-  ad-hoc transport arrangements to ferry individuals




Network with government and other organizations to obtain tools of economic empowerment to facilitate job betterment, increase of household income, and to create holistic opportunities of healthy employment for those with defective livelihood; seeking to improve their quality of life.


Be involved

-  Volunteer for vocational skills teaching and training | weekly workshops | follow-up on financially-assisted recipients, giving them advice and moral support

-  Recommend piece-work projects