Extend our hand of hope to sex workers and those who are at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Offer moral support, counsel, self-help education and prevention, love without being prejudiced or judgemental.


Be Involved

Volunteer and join the team for:

-  day street-walk and visit to brothels

-  weekly dinner fellowship with at-risk group

-  monthly small group fellowship 

-  celebration of cultural festivities and Christmas events




Provide a safe haven, temporary shelter and community living for women in need. Focus group include women who are in the process of being reintegrated into society, who still require some form of guidance and support / women at risk of commercial sexual exploitation / women in crisis.


Be involved

Volunteer for:

-  weekly non-formal teaching and education | occupational therapy 

-  monthly events and activities

-  counselling and/or individual follow-up

-  ad-hoc transport arrangements to ferry individuals




Network with government and other organizations to obtain tools of economic empowerment to facilitate job betterment, increase of household income, and to create holistic opportunities of healthy employment for those with defective livelihood; seeking to improve their quality of life.


Be involved

-  Volunteer for vocational skills teaching and training | weekly workshops | follow-up on financially-assisted recipients, giving them advice and moral support

-  Recommend piece-work projects