Some of SAFE Real-Life Cases

Case 1

Our first fruits are the lives of Nirah* and her partner, Keong*. Nirah, was six months pregnant, on drugs and standing on the street receiving customers when we intervened into her situation. Keong was the hotel manager where Nirah worked.


We managed to place Nirah at a transition home and subsequently see her through rehabilitation. We witnessed the birth of their son, Reuben* and helped the couple in their marriage registration. Reuben is now a lovely 4 year-old who is often smiley and happily goes to a kindergarten in Cheras. It is certainly heartening to see this family of three growing healthily and given a hope in Christ.


The couple is both gainfully employed; SAFE only chips in to assist under the Clients Post-Rehabilitation Fund if there is any emergency shortfall in their household expenses.


Case 2

Zani* comes from a local ethnic group and is a mother of two grown-ups. She had on numerous occasions, has expressed her thoughts of opting out of this current lifestyle. She is interested in childcare and is proficient in English, Malay and Chinese.


The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. When she has finally decided to take the step for changeover, SAFE plans to place her under rehabilitation program first. Upon graduating from there, she will be referred to a childcare centre which is willing to take in women with background (open by Christians). During these transitions, she will definitely need lots of financial, emotional and spiritual care. 


Case 3

Similar to Case 2 above and a few others, Julie* is in the sex trade (besides her daily food stall business) to raise additional finances to support her family and children’s education. She is a single mother. Her two children are currently pursuing higher education.



Shameful of her current trade, she looks forward to an alternative or to enlarge her food business. SAFE often have many clients indicating their intent of opting out. However, SAFE needs to build a strong financial backing before we can offer help to those who chose to turn away from the trade.


Case 4

Kristina*, nearing her sixties, was still standing in the streets receiving customers albeit a bad asthmatic condition. SAFE had approached her for various times to opt out of this lifestyle. When she was hospitalized in Oct 2011, she finally relented and was admitted to a rehabilitation centre. Her partner (Ah Kau*), also in his sixties, follow suit and was admitted to another rehabilitation centre through SAFE’s referral.


Kristina is growing fervently in the Lord; serving and attending both church and cell group regularly without any follow-up. SAFE considers her as a “case closed” – a transformed life in the Lord.



* Names have been changed to protect their privacy